Expect dozens of artists selling their affordable artworks to the public under just one roof.

If you are an attendee, you will surely get overwhelmed with too much art around you. In addition, you need to catch the attention of your potential buyer before other artists catch them and get a hand in their pocket. The competition is tight, so you need to gain an upper hand. Here are our favorite tips.

Be Prepared

Once you have been approved to join the art show, you need to research on what to expect and how to get prepared. If the event is outdoor, ask if the coordinators can provide walls for your booths. If not, you have to prepare it yourself. Create the obvious partitions between your display spaces. Do not forget to also ask if the walls have to be white or you can get creative with any color. If you are free to choose any color, it is best to use black fabric to make your work pop out.

Make your guests drop their business card

You might have seen this technique in various store, so why not use it in your art booth. Bring out an empty fishbowl and create a sign asking people to drop a business card and stand a chance to get freebies. What you will need are the emails in these cards which you can use to reach them and show them what more you can do.

Most of the attendees may not buy an artwork then and there, but they may reconsider when you sent a friendly email to them. You can also pitch for collaboration if you think that their businesses can benefit from your art.

Let’s say you are a paper artist and you usually create artworks of wildlife. Then you can email guests who could be connected to animal organizations. You can convince them to hang your art in their office.

Accept Credit Card

We now live in a generation that largely depends on cashless transactions. Most of the art buyers have credit cards that they can swipe anytime. Accepting only cash can limit your income. Add to that if you let an interested buyer get away just because he or she doesn’t have any cash then they might change their mind when they get back home. They could also just pick an artwork which costs less.

Minimize this problem by using a Square Card Reader. Attach the device to your smartphone and then swipe the credit card. You can also create a buzz in your booth with this tech too.

Offer drop shipping

With drop shipping, your guests do not have to carry their purchases around. Add to that, you are not limited to the artwork that you have on hand. If you want to sell prints, you can just bring one copy. Then tell your buyer that you can have the print delivered to their doorstep anytime they want. Moreover, you will be able to get an email from your buyer. You can potentially make future marketing efforts focused on them.

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